Professional Services

stucco-work-01San Diego Stucco & Plaster has over 20 years of experience in San Diego. Dwayne comes from a long line of stuccomen, a trade he and his family are proud of. Fast, friendly, and affordable; call Dwayne for a free quote and consultation today. 619-646-5862.

Power Washing

san diego stucco & plaster also offers powerwashingThat old stucco looking worn out and dirty? Why not power wash your stucco to give it a second life. If you need any repair work, Dwayne and his boys can also patch up, repair, and fix broken, cracked, or aging stucco. Check out his full list of services.


Contact Dwayne today for new stucco, restucco, stucco repair, or your new construction addition. Dwayne Roy Snider Stucco & Plaster contractors are highly skilled and will leave your old stucco looking brand new again!